prodUSER offers cycling and making enthusiasts a tool for building unique bicycles using a set of specially designed connection parts. These connection parts are used at the junctions of the four tubes that make up a bicycle frame. The aim of this product is to involve the end user into the making of the bicycle by offering a tool for building his/her own bicycle.

Exhibited at :
. 'Adhocracy' curated by Joseph Grima for the Istanbul Design Biennal 2012
. Dutch Design Week 2012

The concept

prodUSER is a design platform created by Tristan Kopp. Its aim is to offer you an oppor-tunity to get more involved in the creation of objects you purchase and use.
The prodUSER approach to designing products starts with dividing the object into two categories of components. The first category is made up of components that you can easily buy in any DIY or specialized shop. The second category includes connection parts that you need to link all the components of the first category and build the end product.

We design and produce the connection parts, so that you can have complete freedom in finding and choosing the elements of the first category and creating unique objects.
Here are some of the benefits of prodUSER way of thinking about the objects:
.You gain a lot of control and freedom to choose most of the elements used to make the end product - depending on your personal taste and budget. Your creation will be unique and will reflect your personality.
.By building the object yourself you will be aware of how it is made and how it works, so whenever you want to change or repair it, you will know exactly how to do it.
.If one of the elements breaks, you will be able to easily replace it yourself.

prodUser bicycle

The first product developed by the prodUSER platform is a set of connection parts to build your own bicycle. You can order it on the prodUSER website (coming soon) or by sending an e-mail to
After your order has been processed, you will receive a box containing all the connection parts, a manual to support and guide you on your making journey, and access details for the members-only section of the prodUser website.
The manual will contain information about the additional elements you will need to buy to build your bicycle. All you will need to do is choose them depending on your personal taste. If you are looking for inspiration you can always check out our online gallery of bikes built by other members of the prodUSER community.
As a member you will also be able to post questions and ask others for advice on the prodUser members' forum.
After collecting all the necessary components you will be ready to build your bicycle. Once it's ready, we hope that you will be proud of your creation and add pictures of it to prodUSER gallery for other community members to view and comment and be inspired by it.