Light life

The system ‘Light Life’ consist of a network of street lights creating a lighting landscape that reflects the night activity of the city. By adding movement sensors to the street lights the brightness is adjusted as a function of the activity. By centralizing the information of the light network we can use this system as a tool to analyse the city activity during the night. The inhabitants can download a software showing the night life of their city in real time. So the users can get information on the different places of activity or special events in their area.
The electric bill for the public lighting represents 40% of the global electric bill for urban spaces. This energy consumption is the result of a technically quite old lighting system and a wrong attitude to lighting urban spaces. Certainly we must take into account that people associate strong public light with the feeling of security and comfort but in my opinion this homogenous system is not the most judicious. In the context of a over-dynamic urban space I have chosen to bet on a flexible and variable system.