The Sint Petersberg mountain is a diversify space with a particular landscape. This site is directly link to the history of the region. The humans have extract the ressources in differents ways during the history. The extraction of the Marl in underground quarry for the cement fabrication have shape the landscape.
The cement producer called ENCI have a big part in the history of this landscape and also take part for the futur of the mountain with the project of creating a natural parcs. This project who have start in 2010 will be achieve in more than 15 years with the closing down of the quarry.
In order to communicate the story of this mountain I have develop a project of public bench. This bench is make by two locals materials : the marl (the stone of the mountain) and the portland cement (the cement that ENCI produce out of the marl stone).
Because the marl is a very soft stone and because that the cement is stronger than the marl, the marl part of the bench is going to be erode until disapear and reveal the final shape of the bench. This long process illustrate the idea of a changing landscape and inform on the industrial history of the site.

The site  

The bench  


Material test  

Material test